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Film Rights

Our foreign sales are thriving, thanks to the formidable efforts of Danny Baror and Heather Baror-Shapiro of Baror International. Nicknamed the "King of Foreign Rights" when he changed foreign rights from a pokey, sedate business into a dynamic one with auctions and deadlines, Danny Baror gets top dollar. He and Heather are also very thorough, giving as much attention to a small, quirky book as they do to a blockbuster.

Unlike most other foreign agents, the Barors rarely use subagents. Instead of using a different agency in each country, which adds an extra filter, the Barors deal with most foreign publishers directly. This gives them the distinct advantage of immediacy, and it allows them to champion each book personally as well as to build our authors' careers in each territory, individually, and to continually ensure that the author's best interests are always met.

The Barors attend all the major book fairs, including Frankfurt, London, Bologna, and Book Expo America.

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We believe that a thorough & innovative approach to exploiting Film & Television rights is essential to long-term success for our authors. Our targeted approach partners IGLA clients with top film & TV co-agents with expertise tailored to the individual client. These focused partnerships with world-class co-agents from agencies like APA, UTA, and ICM among many others give our clients a major advantage over a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, our clients get custom attention with a focus on complete development & adaptation. Over 70% of IGLA authors are under option for film & TV today and our projects adapted for film and TV include Tiny Pretty Things (set up at Netflix), Sawkill Girls (set up at Wiip), Scream All Night (Hazy Mills/Universal with Brian Buckner as show-runner) among many others.