Victoria Marini began her career as a literary agent at Gelfman Schneider and ICM Partners before joining the Irene Goodman Agency in 2016. Originally from rural Pennsylvania, she moved to New York in 2003, and began her literary career as an assistant at Sterling Lord in 2007. She is interested in both Literary and Commercial Middle Grade, Young Adult and Adult fiction with compulsive hooks and well-drawn characters. From literary page-turners, to commercial suspense, to magical realism, whimsical adventure, and edgy sci-fi & fantasy, she is always looking for unforgettable off-the-page characters, strongly plotted stories, and unique voices. She is a sucker for quirk, mystery, small town hysteria, atmosphere, secrets, things that go bump in the night, a bit of charm, a twist of magic, or a dash of humor.

Please note, Victoria is closed to queries until the November 11th, 2019. Please feel free to query on or after that date! Thank you!

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Victoria is looking for commercial and literary Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction as well as upmarket commercial or literary Adult fiction. She represents contemporary, mystery & thrillers, suspense, fantasy, sci-fi, magical realism, horror, and very select narrative non-fiction. Victoria would not be the best fit for prescriptive non-fiction, debut memoir, new age/religious/spirituality, popular science, new adult, or regency romances.

Victoria Marini

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